Diners Dish on McKinney Gastronomy

Publish your opinions on McKinneyEats.com

You may not get paid to taste food, but now you too can be a cuisine critic.

McKinneyEats.com is a Web site created for diners to give their opinions on meals served at restaurants located in the city of, you guessed it, McKinney.

The site's founder, Chris Wilcox, calls it an honest assesment of value with critiques by citizens and not paid critics.  Think of it as a hyper local version of Yelp.com.

The Web site has been running for only three months and already has hundreds of homemade opinions about the city's best and worst dining experiences.

Restaurant owners said they welcome the reviews because it gives them direct feedback from customers as well as opportunities to correct any bad experiences.

Restauranteurs also caution that people looking to try new foods, especially from different cultures, may not like what they eat but that doesn't necessarily make it a bad meal.  One culture's delicacy may be the one thing you never want to eat again.     

Wilcox said his Web site is set up so that any bad reviews can be settled directly between the restaurants and the author of the critique.  His hope is to obtain reviews for every type of food offered in McKinney, from doughnuts, to five-star cuisine, to candy shoppes.

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