D/FW Won't Increase Parking Rates for First Time in Years

For the first time in five years, D/FW International Airport will not be increasing their parking rates, and the reason why could be popular ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft.

A study done by Pew Charitable Trusts found that at some airports, proceeds from parking are taking a hit.

At D/FW Airport, the study found that the parking revenue was up the first six months of the current fiscal year compared to last year, but it was nearly $4 million lower than projected.

The study also found that the ride-hailing services may have an impact on revenue from taxis and rental cars.

NBC 5 talked with travelers at D/FW Airport about why they are choosing the ride-sharing services, rather than parking their cars at the airport.

For some, it’s handy.

"I think it's convenient. It offers the traveler a convenience, and that's what a traveler wants," one traveler said. "You know, we've been on a plane all day and if the car service is ready right there, it's absolutely convenient."


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For others, it’s simply cheaper.

Terminal parking at D/FW Airport costs $24 a day and other remote lots can cost between $10-$15.

"Even remote lots are $10 a day here. From The Colony, coming to D/FW and back, I'm looking at maybe 45 bucks round trip on Uber, versus any extended stay trip…it's going to be more money," said another traveler.

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