Dallas Residents Order the Most Sushi in Texas

Dallas residents eat sushi 35 percent more than other Texas cities

In honor of National Sushi Day coming up this Saturday, we are rolling out some interesting information on the popularity of sushi in DFW.

According to data from Grubhub collected over the past year, Dallas residents order and enjoy sushi 35 percent more than the rest of Texas.

There are a few spots that Dallasites favor the most, according to Grubhub data from June 2015 to now:

1. Little Tokyo

2. Shang Yao

3. Red Panda

4. Xin Xian

5. Ai Sushi Sake Grill

6. Asia Bowl

7. Wai Wai Kitchen

8. Deep Sushi

9. De Rice Thai Cuisine

10. Tomoya

The roll that residents order the most is Salmon Sashimi by an overwhelming majority.

Here is the list of the other most popular rolls at well-known sushi restaurants in DFW:

1. Shaggy Dog Roll -- Little Tokyo

2. Spicy Tuna Roll -- Ai Sushi Sake Grill

3. California Roll -- Chow Asian

4. Shrimp Tempura Roll -- Little Tokyo

5. Rainbow Roll -- Little Tokyo

6. Paradise Roll -- Little Tokyo

7. California Roll -- Ku Sushi

8. Philadelphia Roll -- Ai Sushi Sake Grill

9. Rainbow Roll -- Ai Sushi Sake Grill

10. Shrimp Tempura Roll -- Chow Asian

For any sushi lovers out there, be sure to celebrate National Sushi Day appropriately this Saturday by eating at your favorite local restaurant or trying one of the most loved spots in the metroplex.

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