DFW Ranks Second on Road Rage List

North Texas drivers are some of the most angry and aggressive in the nation.

The Metroplex placed second as the worst city for road rage in a survey by AutoVantage.

Among among 25 major metropolitan areas New York took the top spot.

Talking on a cell phone was what bothered motorists most. 85 percent of people surveyed said it provoked aggressiveness.

Others bad behaviors that contributed to road rage according to survey participants included driving too fast, tailgating, eating or drinking while driving and texting or e-mailing while behind the wheel.

Dallas-Fort worth was followed in the top five worst cities by Detroit, Atlanta and Minneapolis-St. Paul.

The survey also named a new city as the most courteous. Portland took the top spot, moving up from No. 2 last year. It was followed by Cleveland, Baltimore, Sacramento and Pittsburgh.

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