‘How Did We Get to This Point?’: Fmr. Dwaine Caraway Appointee

Within hours of the announcement that former Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway had resigned, former appointee Betty Culbreath spoke out, saying the community he was elected to represent was filled with sadness.

Culbreath, who has worn several hats in Dallas government and politics, said she was inundated with Facebook posts and phone calls Thursday.

“People are disappointed because they haven’t come to grips with that behavior from a person they know is just the opposite,” said Culbreath.

For years she worked alongside Caraway, whom she has known as an advocate for his district four community.

“He worked in this community well before there was an election… When you balance the history with the today, then you have mixed emotions,” said Culbreath.

While Culbreath said her friend owes her no explanation for the crime for which he is now admitting guilt, she acknowledged there is disappointment within the community along with a lingering question.

“How did we get to this point? How did we get to the point he felt it was OK to do it?” said Culbreath.

Back in district four, some voters have said what the neighborhood needs now is new, strong leadership to step in to do what is right and ethical.  

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