DFW And American Airlines Reach $20 Million Agreement

The Dallas Fort Worth International Airport reaches a $20 million agreement with American Airlines that will renovate, develop, and improve customer experience at Terminal E.

The new Terminal E Satellite facility will provide six new and ‘modern’ gates, in addition to the current nine the terminal has now, as well as more concession space.

"As DFW continues to attract more air service and more customers, we are embarking on a mission to deliver more gates to meet the growing demand," said Executive Vice President of Infrastructure and Development at DFW Airport, Khaled Naja.

The renovations will bring the terminal to 15 gates that will be designed for regional jet usage along with gate areas that will provide more seating for customers equipped with power for electronic devices.

Plans to update air and electrical systems, new carpeting, surfaces, new jet bridges and the need for new conveyance systems are addressed in the project too.

New and aesthetic construction plans just wrapped up on Terminal B and officials said similar enhancements are in the plans for Terminal E’s satellite gates delivering more amenities for customers.

The project is expected to begin this year and scheduled for completion by the summer of 2019 and will be home to American Airlines regional flights.

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