DFW Airport Upping Fee to $6 for ‘Pass-Through' Drivers Using Shortcut

DFW International Airport's board will vote on the proposal Thursday

DFW International Airport officials voted Thursday to raise the fees for drivers who cut through the airport to save time.

The rate will increase to $6 starting Oct. 1, up from $4, The Dallas Morning News reported. The proposal was approved by the airport's board on Thursday.

"This is to discourage drivers that cut through the airport to save time," DFW Airport CFO Chris Poisatte said.

The airport estimates 2,500 drivers cut through the airport property. It's estimated the airport already makes $3.6 million every year on tolls from the pass-through commuters. Raising the fee by 50% would bring in an additional $1.8 million.

Many drivers who regularly travel through the airport where disappointed to hear about the possible increase.

"It's not worth it… absolutely not worth it," Kyana Rice of Allen said.

Some drivers travel around the airport in an effort to stay within the toll sensors more than eight minutes; which triggers lower toll rates.

"I go in there and just like slow down and go through a terminal just so that I can pay the normal rate to get out," Blessing Sangare of Irving said.

The extra revenue will go into roadways and parking up-keep and upgrades.

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NBC 5's Larry Collins contributed to this report.

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