DFW Travelers See Plenty of Red and Green

Good and bad news for people heading out of town for Christmas

If the flight before Christmas is in your immediate future, there is good news and bad news in store at Dallas/Fort Worth International.

The good news is, overall, air traffic is predicted to be down this holiday season.  AAA estimates airports will be ten percent less busy than they were this time last year.  That decrease in overall traffic is blamed on rising ticket prices and concerns over the economy, according to AAA.

The bad news is that there are fewer flights being offered this year, so your airplane will likely be packed.  Airlines have been cutting flights to save costs, and therefore they are offering fewer options for travelers.

That situation is leading to a mad dash, of sorts, at the check-in and security lines at DFW's departures terminals.

"I figure just get in their early," said Chief Warrant Officer Gary Carr of the United States Army about his strategy to beat the crowds.  Carr, who is recently home from a deployment to the Middle East, is flying from DFW to Hawaii Friday to spend time with his family.

"I'm here two hours and fifteen minutes in advance," Devin Huffines told NBC 5.  The Dallas native, who is a member of the University of Texas Longhorns football team, is flying to San Diego Friday to join his teammates in preparation for the Holiday Bowl.  "I know what it's like to be stressed and be unprepared, so I'm going to help [other travelers] out.  If they need to cut me they can cut me in line."

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