DFW Airport: 942 Flights Canceled On Saturday

For the third day in a row, DFW International Airport is dealing with hundreds of flight cancellations and thousands of stranded passengers.

At 3:30 p.m., the airport sent a media release that the airlines canceled more than 466 departures and 476 arrivals on Saturday.

Currently, two runways are open. DFW Airport is working to open additional runways.

"Runways and taxiways were treated for ice, groomed and plowed in preparation for today's aircraft departures," Mary Jo Polidore, vice president of public affairs at DFW airport said in a statement. "Roadways coming to the Airport are expected to be the big challenge on Saturday as frigid overnight temperatures refroze slush and water forming icy patches and ruts."

The airport said it housed 3300 passengers in the terminals overnight Friday into Saturday morning.

If you're driving to the airport, flyover Terminals A, B, C and E are back open. Road crews shut down those roadways late Friday night.

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