Dez Bryant to Start Working With Local Route-Running Guru

David Robinson, a Dallas native who works with several NFL receivers, including Denver’s Emmanuel Sanders, is scheduled to begin working with Dez Bryant soon on the art of route-running.

Robinson appeared on J Dub City (KESN-FM 103.3) on Tuesday morning with co-host and NBC 5 Cowboys insider Jean-Jacques Taylor to discuss his relationship with Bryant.

Here are four things we learned:

Bryant hasn’t started working with Robinson yet. When he does, the sessions will last about two hours and they will probably take place four times a week.

“He texted me the other day and said he is ready to get in the lab with me,” Robinson said. “He has been out of town I believe. We have been back and forth texting the last few months. I applaud him for being open to it and reaching out to me. He hit me up. I didn't reach out to him. I like that."

Brice Butler connected him to Bryant.

“Brice Butler, who I've been training for three or four years, is the one that told Dez about me,” said Robinson, “and I work with other receivers on their roster as well.

“Brice is a good dude. Brice let Ryan Switzer, Rico Gathers, Cole Beasley, Lance Lenoir and Noah Brown know about me. I've been working with all those guys, and they all found out about me through Brice.”

Robinson said NFL teams are fine with him teaching their players?

“As a matter of fact, I've developed a name for myself. I have quite a few — 10 to 15 — NFL teams who contact me in the offseason to send me up-and-coming players on their roster they want me to work with. They’re usually Year 1-3 guys or guys they just drafted. A lot of NFL teams and receiving coaches I communicate with throughout the process, and they let me know what routes they need to work on and things like that through out the process.”

Robinson said he can help Bryant perform better against press coverage.

"He has a tendency to release wide a little bit. We are going to add a lot more tricks and press release techniques he can use to create separation. We are going to get Dez playing a lot faster at the line of scrimmage instead of messing round releasing wide and helping the defensive backs out."

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