Dez Bryant Photobombs NBC 5’s Mercedes Owens, Comments on Tony Romo’s Release

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant photobombed NBC 5 sports reporter Mercedes Owens Tuesday outside American Airlines Center. After, he took a moment to talk about the release of longtime quarterback Tony Romo.

Owens was covering the reaction of Romo's retirement when Bryant jumped in front of the camera and smiled.

Bryant said he was feeling emotional about Romo's retirement and was having a hard time believing Romo was leaving the league.

"Once he sends me that text message and he lets me know he's gone for good -- it's emotional, you know, just to think about that. Because, you know, he started 88, this 88. And, all credit go to him. He's unbelievable. Until I see it, you know, and it happens for real, that's when I'm going to give, you know, my farewell."

After 14-years with the Dallas Cowboys, the team released Romo Tuesday at his request so that he could pursue a career in broadcasting.  Romo announced later in the day that he was joining CBS Sports as an analyst.

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