Dez Bryant Extends Open Invitation to ‘Backyard BBQ'

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant invited friends, family and fans from all over to a free barbecue in his hometown of Lufkin Thursday.

"I'll be in Lufkin tomorrow...BBQ..Drinks all on me..also I want to play kick ball so we need to form some teams ..I'm trying to figure out which park has the most space to set all of this up at...any suggestions on parks hit my inbox...trying to have fun before I head back to camp...
EVERYONE free to join
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Dez Bryant Extends Open Invitation to 'Backyard BBQ'

In subsequent posts, Bryant said he'd ordered $16,000 worth of barbecue and would have bounce houses, free haircuts and plenty of family fun at Lufkin's Kit McConnico Park.

Pinkerton Barbecue, of Houston, posted on Facebook they were closing for lunch after Bryant bought everything they could fit on their pits.

Lufkin's police spokeswoman, Jessica Pebsworth, estimated a crowd of 3,000 people attended.

The Cowboys leave for Training Camp in Southern California on Saturday.

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