DeSoto Teenager Bakes Up Home-Based Business

Kevin Robinson baked a pie for a family barbeque, and that turned into 'The Pie Dude' business

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Home isn't just where 15-year-old Kevin Robinson lives, it's where he goes to school, and where he works. Robinson started a home-based business, The Pie Dude.

"During this COVID I think he just got bored," Kevin's mother Jackie said. "He was like, hey look at this recipe and that recipe!"

Robinson made a sweet potato pie for a family barbeque. His mom posted it on Facebook, and the offers to buy a pie rolled in.

"Literally one sale turned to two," Jackie said. "For Thanksgiving, it turned into over 300 sales. For Christmas, he is totally booked."

"You definitely feel the love in the pie," Robinson said. "I, like, sing and, like, try to vibe to it. I don't know how to explain it, but when I make pie, it's just love. So you can definitely taste the love."

Robinson makes sweet potato, pecan, a sweet potato/pecan combo, key lime, chess, lemon chess, apple Cinnabon, and peach cobbler pies. Most of them sell for $15.

"He just never in a million years expected it could grow into something this big," Robinson's father Kevin Sr. said. "I've put on about 10 pounds since he started doing it."

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