DeSoto Man Fights To Get Deceased Mother's Money Back

Mama's boys sometimes get a bad wrap, but Gregory Walker says he'll always be his mama's boy.

"I miss her every day. But I know she's still alive in my heart," he said.

His mother, who died in 2017, struggled with diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer's disease.

Before her passing, Walker was looking forward to moving his mother into the Meridian at Kessler Park in Dallas.

"It's a beautiful assisted living facility and I'm sure she would have been happy there," Walker said.

But about two weeks before her move-in day, his mom took a turn for the worse.

"I found out from the doctors that she was never going to leave the hospital alive," he explained.

Walker said he informed the facility that his mom would not be able to move in.

He said the executive director assured him it wouldn't be a problem because the first month's rent was free.

But when Walker came back to close out his mother's account, there was a problem.

He said he was told the old executive director had it wrong and that first month's rent was not free, so he owed $2,900.

Walker said he tried to argue his mother's case, but the manager wouldn't budge.

"It made me feel terrible," he said.  "My mother passed. She never took residence. They were just after the dollar."

Walker paid the $2,900, but he said he knew it wasn't right, so he reached out to NBC 5 Responds to get his mother's money back.

The executive director at the Meridian told me that she could not violate HIPPA laws, but assured me that Walker had been reimbursed.

But Walker said he didn't received a dime.

"It's despicable. Absolutely despicable," he said.

So, I reached back out to the Meridian and asked for proof of reimbursement. 

Later that day, Walker said he heard from a corporate manager who told him they were looking into his case and were conducting an audit.

"And that audit was done because of you," he told NBC 5.

Walker said he was told they made a mistake and that they did owe him money.

That same week, he received a refund check for $2,451.

"Yes! Justice," he said.

Walker said there was a non-refundable medical assessment fee of $500, but he isn't sweating that money.

He's just glad to have $2,451 back.

Walker said this was the last of his mother's affairs and he believes he can finally breath and live life again.

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