In-Person Learning In Question In DeSoto ISD After Fires Destroys Stockpile Of Masks And Supplies

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All eyes were on DeSoto ISD when their superintendent suddenly resigned over the weekend, but the district has another problem they're dealing with. A fire at the warehouse where they stored more than $85,000 of Personal Protective Equipment to keep classrooms COVID free.

"Everything from disposable masks to reusable masks, gloves, thermometers, hand sanitizers and face shields," said Don Hooper, Interim Superintendent.

DeSoto ISD is searching to see if they can find a supplier to get the large amount of protective gear they need by the end of the month.

In-person learning is set to begin next week.

State leaders are trying to help guide the district.

"They've given us a list of providers we can try but this is an emergency we need to get on this," Hooper told the Board of Trustees in am emergency meeting.

Other districts and the Texas Education Agency are looking to see what they can spare to DeSoto but parents are worried in-person learning may be in jeopardy.

Rhonda DeBose has a daughter who's a sophomore at DeSoto High School, she didn't want to send her daughter back to the classroom, but the student convinced her mom she would use the protective gear and be safe.

Now DeBose doesn't know if that protection will exist.

"They still have a few more weeks to get it together hopefully they will and if not we’ll revisit and make the decision to let her attend class or stay home,

"A spokesman for the Texas Education Agency said they will send some PPE to DeSoto, and expect it to arrive by the end of the month.

The assistance from TEA won't be enough to carry the district. DeSoto will need to buy the bulk of it themselves.

All eyes are on DeSoto's ISD's board for a solution to keep in-person learning starting on time.

In Sunday's emergency meeting board members said other districts have offered to share and help.

A spokeswoman for DeSoto told us the district was accepting donations to help cover the PPE needs.

Anyone interested in offering a donation of PPE or computer equipment lost in the fire is asked to email

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