DeSoto ISD Found Students Responsible for ‘Hand-Written Threat' Found in Restroom

The Desoto Independent School District has found the students who were involved with issuing a threatening note, but the district and campus administrators will maintain a position of heightened security

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The Desoto Independent School District identified the students responsible for issuing a threatening, hand-written note at Desoto High School earlier this week.

According to the district, the students were identified on Thursday.

Parents were concerned after getting word of a "hand-written threat" found in the restroom of DeSoto High School Tuesday.

Panic set in when MaCrystal Wiley read her son’s name.

“When you see a list that says kill students and your child’s name is on that list, it’s a little different,” Wiley said.

He was among list of students and educators whose names were written on a threatening note found this week in the girls’ bathroom at Desoto High School.

“Ugh, you can’t put it into words,” she said. “You want your son in school to get an education. But you do not want that phone call that there’s been a school shooting and your child is one of those.”

Not wanting to take chances, she and her husband took their son out of school and brought him home where she says he'll stay until police and the school district have answers.

“I let them know hey my son will not be back at school until this is taken care of, wrapped up, you find out what’s going on or who’s responsible for this.”

Desoto ISD released a statement saying district leaders were made aware of the hand-written note and started investigating.

The district said additional security will be on campus and patrols will take place throughout the day leading up to winter break.

“We have witnessed school shooting, church shootings, movie shootings. So, what’s to say it can’t happen here in this state at that school,” Wiley said.

The Wileys said Desoto High School has been understanding of her decision to keep her son out of school and worked out a plan to make sure he gets his work.

Social media accounts and camera footage were reviewed to solve this matter.

The district said they’ve identified the social media account responsible for posting pictures of the note on social media as well as the person responsible for issuing the actual, hand-written threat.

Though the source of the note has been identified, district and campus administrators will maintain a position of heightened security.

DeSoto ISD's full statement is below.

On Tuesday, December 10, 2019, DeSoto ISD administrative officials were made aware of a hand-written threat left in a campus restroom which was photographed, shared among students and later posted to social media.

Upon awareness of the concern, district officials began working in collaboration with district security and DeSoto Police to investigate the concern and identify the source of the threat.

In addition to talking with students, officials reviewed and investigated social media accounts identified in association with the concern and reviewed camera footage in an attempt to resolve the matter.

During the district's review of the matter, DeSoto ISD officials implemented heightened security measures. Campus administrators will continue to work with law enforcement and campus security to monitor activity on campus out of an abundance of caution.

It is currently a standard practice for students to pass through specific entrances for security checks which include passage through a metal detectors, bag searches and wanding. In addition to this current practice, additional security personnel has been assigned to the campus and regular and frequent security patrols will take place throughout the day leading up to winter break.

DeSoto ISD takes matters of safety and security seriously and will take every measure to ensure a safe learning environment for every member of our school community.

As a district, we encourage anyone with information related to this matter or other matters of safety concern, to report any and all details to an administrator or security officer.

It is important to note that issuing a threat-even over social media, via text message, or through an e-mail-is a federal crime (U.S. Code § 875.Interstate communications). Persons posting or  sending these threats can receive up to five years in federal prison.  They may also face state or local charges.

DeSoto ISD takes all threats seriously and will exercise an abundance of caution to protect our students and staff from danger.  Law enforcement will always be engaged in matters such as this and criminal prosecution pursued for any person suspected of making a threat against students, school personnel or property.

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