Deputies Say ID Theft Bust Largest in County History

Gucci goods bought with stolen credit card numbers, investigators say

Dallas County deputies said four people were arrested in connection with an alleged identity theft ring.

Deputies said they recovered nearly $700,000 worth of designer accessories purchased with stolen credit card numbers.

"You can get a small tip, and it leads to something like this," said Tony Robinson, Dallas County investigator.

Janice Thompson, who police said was the ringleader, was arrested Monday.

Investigators said Thompson and three other people stole credit card numbers from customers shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue.

"Whether it was at the point of sale or the person threw a receipt in the trashcan and someone picked it up, we don't know," said Tim Gallagher, of the Dallas District Attorney's Office.

Investigators said they recovered merchandise that included $1,300 handbags, $700 shoes and $200 hats. The items were delivered to more than 20 different homes in and around Dallas, police said.

"This stuff would have eventually been sold on the street," Robinson said.

Thompson is being held on a $100,000 bond. Police have not released the names of the other three suspects in the case.

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