Seth Voorhees

Denton's New Gay Cafe Fills Community Void, Say Owners

When Denton's only gay bar closed abruptly last September, it left a hole in the local LGBTQ community. A new café is now open, with a goal of filling that void and creating a place where all people feel welcome.

Longtime friends Stephanie Davis and Lillian Williams just opened "Q's" in Denton.

“We have regulars already,” said Davis. “We've been open a week and have people that come in every single day."

The business is billed as Denton's only gay cafe.

“We want to create a safe environment,” said Davis.

A judgment-free zone.

“It's a very open, very strong community out here. That's super supportive," said Williams. 

The idea was hatched back in September, after Mable Peabody's, a longtime Denton gay bar closed, abruptly.

“People were kind of like 'what do we do?'” said Williams. “What's next?"

Between a crowd-funding campaign and private investment, it's now a reality. In a world where bigotry still exists, Q’s is a safe haven for the LGBTQ community.

“Just knowing you're welcome to be who you are. You're valid,” said Williams. “Just come on in. Our arms are open."

Q’s held it’s soft opening a week ago. Beginning Saturday, the café will be open 24/7. The place serves coffee and sandwiches. Beer and wine are also in the plans.

Most of all, it'll be a place where folks can just be themselves.

“You can be in here what you want to be in here,” said Davis. “You're welcome to be you."

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