Denton County Asks Voters for $495 Million in Bonds

Bond package calls for money for roads, facility upgrades

Denton County is asking voters to approve $495 million for roads and facility upgrades in next month's election.

County leaders say $310 million dollars is for road improvements in areas experiencing dynamic growth and longer commutes.

"I get calls all the time from people, for instance, sitting on 423, and it takes them an hour to go two miles," said Denton County Commissioner Cynthia White.

The remaining $185 million will fund upgrades to county facilities and technology improvements.

Buildings such as a county administration building that was shut down for days because of a lightning strike are old. The county also operates from several different buildings, and all of its computer systems are not interconnected.

The improvements are necessary, opponents of the bond proposal say, but the price tag and possible increased property tax is too high of a burden.

"So many people are trying to get their food on the table, and it's hard enough the way it is," voter Joe North said.

Jennifer North agreed, saying addition to residents' property taxes "makes it a little tight."

Supporters say Denton County's taxes are among the lowest out of the state's large counties. The money is needed now to accommodate the area's fast growth, they say.

"It's only going to cost us more if we don't vote it in now," voter Norma McCoy said.

White said the bond package is critical.

"If we want regional mobility, we've got to pass this bond project," she said.

The bond projects are split up on the ballot, so one could pass while the other fails.

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