Denton to Test Longer Yellow Light at Red-Light Camera Intersection

The one month test will be reviewed and discussed with council

The City of Denton will test extending the yellow light at the red-light camera intersection of West Oak Street and Carroll Boulevard.

City council members agreed on the pilot program at Tuesday’s work session.

Pritam Deshmukh, the city’s traffic engineer, said they will test it out for a month, then review their findings, and bring it back to the council for discussion.

Deshmukh said he’s interested to see the results that come from it, and thinks there’s pros and cons to extending the yellow light.

“The pros are people think it might clear the intersection, make it safer for drivers. If they are coming in fast they can clear the intersection,” he said.

However, he said it could create more issues for drivers, like congestion.

“The amount of time we get from yellow goes away from the green time which is actually the time when people can go through the intersection,” he said.

One council member, Sara Bagheri, thinks they should instead focus on the existence of red-light cameras.

“To me it seemed like a work around rather than making the hard decision of getting rid of the red-light cameras. It’s a little easier to say, ‘let's just try this thing,'” she said.

Bagheri said council members have asked to have a discussion on red-light camera program in the upcoming months.

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