Denton to Remind Drivers About Parking Rule With New Signs

The city of Denton will install new signs along a street known for its bars and restaurants to remind drivers about an often-ignored parking law.

The regulation on Hickory Street requires people who park their cars to back into parking spots. City leaders said many folks either don't see the signs or ignore them.

Cathy Braun isn't from Denton. So, how could the Minneapolis resident possibly know?

"I guess I didn't notice the sign," Braun said, when notified that she was parking illegally by pulling into a spot, instead of backing in.

Several signs notify drivers of the law. Hickory Street is the only street in Denton where drivers are required to back into parking spots.

Monday at noon, several cars along the street were parked illegally.

"I didn't even think about there being a sign for how to park," said Alex Russell, who drove to Denton from Oklahoma to do some shopping.

Russell did figure out the rule on his own.

"I thought it was a little odd," he said. "But I noticed other cars pulled in backwards, so i did what they did."

Back-in parking took effect on Hickory Street three years ago. The goal was to slow traffic down and make it safer for pedestrians and drivers.

"The jury's still out on that," said Scott Alagood of Denton. "I think it's a little confusing for people who don't live or work downtown."

The city of Denton said it planned to add more signs -- particularly on side streets -- to let people like Braun know.

"I'm glad you told me," she said. "I'll probably get a fine if I don't move it."

Violators face a fine of $25. Reason enough to pay attention.

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