Uvalde School Shooting

Denton ‘Spider-Man' Collects Toy Donations for Uvalde Children

Jeremy Sons is on a mission as his alter-ego, The Denton Spider-Man.

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Jeremy Sons was pretty hard to miss in Denton's Courthouse Square this week, though you might not recognize him under the Spider-Man suit. He is on a mission to collect toy donations for children in Uvalde.

"These kids have been put through something we can't even imagine of a fraction of it," Sons said in full Spider-Man costume. "To see a superhero in their town, they might say, 'OK, we're safe.'"

Sons posted a wish list on social media, and the donations started rolling in at a rate of 50 boxes a day.

"Why give these kids a little when we can give them a lot," Sons said, noting it's personal. His wife, Katelyn, is a third-grade teacher.

"Kids have to go through intruder drills," Katelyn Sons said. "Even the drills are terrifying for those kids, so to think about what those kids went through; it's horrific."

"We have to put good memories on top of horrific ones. We have to put love on top of hate," Jeremy Sons said. "We can't just ignore it and say, well that's just the way things are. We gotta do something about it to make a difference, to make positive impact, to make change."

Sons plans to drive his Spidey-mobile to Uvalde on June 12 to distribute donations in full Spider-Man costume.

"I believe there's a lot of superheroes out there," Sons said. "It doesn't take you wearing a special costume to be a superhero."

If you'd like to donate, The Denton Spider-Man's Amazon Wish List is here.

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