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Denton Police Use Comedy, Social Media to Identify Person of Interest

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Denton Police Department/NBC 5

Denton police are using a little comedy to find a person of interest in an unspecified case.

On social media Friday, the Denton Police Department published a series of photos of man they say they'd like to speak with. They don't say why they want to talk to the man or what crime he's committed -- just that they'd like an upstanding citizen who knows the man's identity to share it with them.

They'll, presumably, take it from there.

"We would like to talk to him, but have had no luck tracking him down. Hopefully this isn't your partner in crime, but if so, you should still call us. Is this guy currently in line behind you at the grocery store? Maybe wait until you leave the store to discreetly call us. Oooh, maybe he is your ex? Let us know! Or, if you're looking at this picture and it looks strikingly similar to the face you see when you look in the mirror...maybe you should also give us a call."

As of Friday afternoon, a couple of names had been shared with police -- it's not clear if any of the leads matched the man in the photo

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