Denton Police Ride Freight Train to Promote Railroad Safety

Denton Police Department teams up with Union Pacific Railroad

Denton police officers boarded a Union Pacific train on Wednesday to promote railroad safety and enforce traffic laws near railroad crossings.

"This is the first time I've ever been on a train," Officer Gary Craig said. "I'm pretty excited about it. You have a whole new respect for train safety."

The officers rolled through town on the freight train as part of Operation Lifesaver. Officers on board and on the ground watched for traffic violators near the crossings.

"We are looking for any cars that don't stop or stay stopped for the cross arms or red flashing lights," Craig said.

Denton police handed out 18 railroad crossing violations during the operation.

The Federal Railroad Administration reported that in 2011, there were nearly 2,000 railroad crossing collisions in the nation. Texas led the country with 201 collisions.

"To put it in perspective, a train hitting a car is equivalent to a car running over a tin can," Union Pacific police officer Roger Rhoderick said.

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