North Texas

Denton Police Department Giving Out Free Gun Locks

The Denton Police Department is offering to give one gun lock to each household with "no questions asked"

The Denton Police Department is giving out free gun locks to residents. 

The department announced Monday that gun locks would be available at the front desk of the Denton Police Department, located at 601 East Hickory Street.

The department is offering to give one gun lock per household with "no questions asked" 

Denton police are distributing the gun locks as a part of Project Childsafe, a program created by the National Shooting Sports Foundation that aims to promote firearms safety and education.

According to Project Childsafe, individuals who want a free gun safety kit can contact the Denton County Sheriff’s Office and Denton County Constable Precinct 6, as well as the Corinth Police Department, University of North Texas Police Department, Highland Village Police Department, and the Roanoke Police Department.

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