Denton Police Chief Requests External FBI Investigation Into the Death of Darius Tarver

The FBI has accepted the police chief's request for an evaluation of evidence

NBC 5 News

The Dallas FBI has agreed to a request from Denton Police Chief Frank Dixon to conduct an independent investigation into the fatal shooting of Darius Tarver by a police officer.

According to police, Tarver was fatally shot after he charged at officers with a knife after first resisting being shot with stun guns.

The Denton Police Department ended an internal investigation last week that found officers did not violate department protocols or training procedures in the shooting. A Denton County grand jury. similarly, declined to indict a Denton police officer in Tarver's death last March.

The department said Dixon was making the request as "part of our commitment to transparency" and that "FBI agents who specialize in evaluating evidence will work alongside the U.S. Attorney's Office to determine if a federal investigation should be opened."

Dixon's request for an external investigation by the FBI will result in a detail-oriented and thorough examination of the incident, and as a result, will require time to complete.

Tarver's father stated that his son was suffering a mental episode due to a head injury from a recent accident.

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