Denton Pedicabs Expects More Business With A-Train Arrival

The upcoming arrival of the A-train is attracting businesses along the Denton County route, including one that hopes to pick up some passengers of its own.

Denton Pedicab hopes to double its fleet from three cabs to six to handle an expected boost when the commuter train rolls into town next month.

"Some of them [passengers] will ride the bus, but then, others are going to want to take a pedicab because it's fun. It will take them exactly where they want to go," said Andrew Marsteller, Denton Pedicab vice president.

Laurent Prouvost, also of Denton Pedicab, hopes to create a "pedicab valley" -- or a community that embraces bike taxis and uses them as common transportation.

"I think it is good to dream big," he said.

Prouvost has lived all over the world, but he put his brakes on in Denton to start a pedicab business.

"I used pedicabs in other countries. I've seen pedicabs in other places, and I wanted to jump on that opportunity here. I thought Denton had the big potential for that service," Prouvost said.

"The city wants to be seen as more green, so what's greener than a pedicab? As far as transportation, we are as close as you can get," Marsteller said.

Denton Pedicab works solely off tips.

"We understand some people don't have the cash, but generally, the next person makes up for it," Marsteller said.

Prouvost and Marsteller said they hope their novelty service spins into something much more.

"At least 50 pedicab would be sufficient," Prouvost said.

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