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Denton Opens Free WiFi in Downtown

Visitors now have one more reason to check out Downtown Denton: a free internet signal.

This month the city launched free WiFi on the Downtown Square to go with free signals at the Downtown Transit Station and soon along the renovated Hickory Street Grand streetscape.

The signal is powered by several modems placed along the stretch putting out a good enough connection for web surfing and app use, although streaming video may be a bit slow.

Leaders with the Denton Convention and Visitors Bureau say it’s a way to attract people to the shops and restaurants in the area, but also to give folks a place to work and do homework outside on a nice day.

They also say it’s about growing Denton’s reputation as a technology hotspot and a place where people can connect with technology.

"We want to be known as a community that welcomes high-tech business, high-tech people. We want to be known as the people who 'get it,'" said Denton City Councilman Joey Hawkins. "It's definitely worth it, and I think it's going to become more of the norm here just moving forward. And it's just almost a part of infrastructure now."

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