Denton Music Venue Closes After Sexual Assault Allegation

A popular Denton music venue is closed after allegations of sexual misconduct.

Jagoe House hosted local and national music acts. In October, a woman went to Denton police, claiming she was raped during an event there. After the woman posted her story on social media, additional women came forward with similar claims.

An online publication, "The Dentonite," said this week it was dropping Jagoe House from a "best of" poll due to the allegations.

In a social media statement announcing the closing, Jagoe House operators said they were unaware of the alleged assault until this week but were willing to cooperate with police.

The statement went on to say, "It goes without saying that we so not support or condone sexual assault, and would never knowingly allow it to happen or continue."

Jagoe House, located on Jagoe Street in Denton, began hosting local and national musical acts in 2013, according to the venue's Facebook page.

Denton police say they investigated the October rape allegation with no arrests. The case has been sent to a grand jury.

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