Denton Mom Gets First Mother's Day Thanks to Surrogate

After 10 years of trying and six miscarriages

Mother’s Day will be extra special for one first-time mom this year thanks to another mother who helped her finally earn the title.

Cory Corbin of Denton finally saw her son Crosby Jax come into the world in late March – thanks to the help of another a surrogate.

Crosby Jax very much has his parents’ genes, but Cory Corbin found out the hard way that she was unable to carry a child. 

"It's been a long, ugly, emotional, tearful road,” Cory Corbin said.

The couple started trying to get pregnant back in 2003. They quickly succeeded, and began planning for their first child.

"Had big hopes, big dreams, bought the diaper bag, ready to be a mom,” Cory Corbin said as her voice dropped, “and got to a certain point in the pregnancy and it ended.”

She miscarried. Then when the couple tried again and again, she kept miscarrying.

"I've lost six," she said.

So after nearly giving up, the Corbins went to the Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine at Medical City Dallas. 

Dr. Walid Saleh found scar tissue in Cory Corbin’s womb and a rare immunological condition rendered her unable to carry a child, but he assured her diagnosis wasn’t the end.

"It's just that you can't carry the child, and that is no longer a reason for you not to have children anymore,” said Dr. Saleh.

The Corbins were told about the option of getting a surrogate. 

A friend introduced them to Sheri Pashby. Pashby not only had two children of her own, but had twice acted as a surrogate to families in other countries.

"Completed three families; four counting mine," said Pashby. "They’re families that are here because pregnancy is easy for me."

After getting to know the Corbins, she agreed to complete their family and went through the surrogacy process with them.

Dr. Saleh says surrogacy has become more common these days and is actually a fairly successful process. He says it’s an especially attractive option in Texas where state law allows the genetic parents to both still be on the birth certificate among other advantages.

"People really want to have children who will be wonderful parents when they work at it can find solutions,” he said.

Pashby says she keeps in close contact with the families she acted as a surrogate for and says it’s never difficult for her to have to turn the baby over.

“I had mine already,” she said with a laugh referring to her two kids.

"She's given us the gift of life," said Cory Corbin.

"And we are so grateful," added Clint Corbin.

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