Denton Man Goes Pro as Video Game Expert and Historian

Patrick Scott Patterson of Denton has dedicated himself to video games from the first day he played Pac-Man as a kid in a Garland laundromat.

Now, that dedication is getting recognized.

After the economy forced an end to his arcade machine repair business in the late 2000’s, Patterson took on the task of becoming a “go-to” resource on the topic of video games.

"It's long past the point of being considered a toy, it's long past the point now where it's considered a little island into itself,” said Patterson. "A 'go-to person' for video game history and information and things has a need out there."

Since then, Patterson has toured the U.S. speaking at events like the San Diego Comic Con and being interviewed for several documentaries and tv shows, including the upcoming release “World 1-1” and “Nintendo Quest” which was partially shot in Denton.

Patterson said he’d like to be a voice for the gaming community to help break through misconceptions about the medium and show the importance of video games in our culture.

Patterson lives in Denton with his wife and kids and said, while it is still an uphill battle, he hopes someday the career will help him give them everything they want in life.

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