Denton Leaders Look for Downtown Parking Solutions

Parking problems around the busy Denton Square will be a top topic for the city in the new year.

Starting Monday valet parking in the downtown area will be banned.

The City Council made the decision earlier this month after complaints that valets were taking up public spots that are often tough to come by on busy nights.

The only business using valets was Queenie's Steakhouse, which is owned by Chef Tim Love, who declined to comment on the decision Friday.

The restaurant used the spots in front of its building under an agreement with the city, discouraging but still allowing the public from using them.

Queenie's valets will now have to operate out of a private lot instead.

A city representative said the decision to remove the option from public areas will stand while the city conducts a comprehensive parking study in downtown.

The study will look at the parking situation in the popular area, including the valet option.

Visitors at the Square on Friday hoped that would lead to changes in the current parking situation.

Right now many drivers find themselves circling the streets and public lots in the area as they try to find spots.

Others said they'd still like to see the City Council revisit the back-in only parking along Hickory Street that was put into place almost two years ago and continues to receive mixed reactions from many citizens.

Lindsey Baker, public information officer for the city of Denton, said there was no definitive time line on the study right now.

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