Denton ISD Reduced-Cost Lunch Sign Up Is Online

Denton ISD is offering an online sign-up program for families to use to register for reduced-cost lunches. 

Families can go to Denton ISD's website to see if they qualify for the program. Parents can register through a website the school district is partnering with called SchoolCafe.

According to the Denton Record-Chronicle, receiving a reduced-cost lunch depends on household income, whether households are receiving federal food assistance, whether the children are homeless or foster children, and whether the children are enrolled in the Head Start program. 

Breakfast for elementary school students is $1.10, while lunch is $2.75. For secondary school students, breakfast is $1.35 and lunch is $3.00. For students who qualify for the reduced-cost meal program, breakfast is 30 cents and lunch is 40 cents. 

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