Denton Group Stocks Coolers Citywide With Water For Those in Need

Denton Basic Services Center has five locations with coolers and hopes to add at least two more

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The Texas summer heat can be especially hard on those without homes.

But a group in Denton is doing its small part to make sure the less fortunate have a basic necessity that could be lifesaving.

There is a cooler under the sign outside Zera Coffee that many people may not notice. But a closer look at it reveals the words "free water."

And that’s exactly what’s in it thanks to the group Denton Basic Services Center.

Vince Sims
A Summer Water Project cooler under a sign the Zera Coffee sign in Denton.

“We put them out in key locations in Denton where we feel there is a need,” Denton Basic Services Center board member Beth Varma said. “We set them up and we chain them up and we get volunteers to fill them with ice and water every day.”

Vince Sims
A cooler of free water for homeless people provided by Denton Basic Services Center.

The organization, which works to help those without housing, took on the Summer Water Project. With the help of volunteers, they help people in need have access to water.

“The ability for them to access water is pretty hard,” Denton Basic Services Center chairman Jane Piper-Lunt said. “They’re not welcomed in businesses.”

“You can’t live without water," Varma said. "There are people who have said you are saving us. You can’t go without hydration.”

They have five locations now and would like to expand to at least two more locations on University Drive. The goal is to even add an outdoor refrigerator pantry at a willing business. 

Vince Sims
Stacks of water donated by Denton County Emergency Services for the Summer Water Project

Members said the real goal is to simply be kind and help those in need.

“We just do it and we’re not into credit or anything like that,” Piper-Lunt said. “We just want them to be OK.”

Denton County Emergency Services donated the water.

To learn more the Summer Water Project, click here.

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