Denton Eyes New Signs for Booming Downtown Square

Denton's Downtown Square has become quite the popular spot. But the added foot and car traffic there these days can make it tough to get around at times.

That's why the city wants to install new way finding signs to better direct people to nearby parking lots and places of interest.

"Getting people parked and walking — that's what we want to see in our downtown," said Ron Menguita, Long Range Planning Administrator for the City of Denton.

The city recently placed two prototype signs in the Square. One is designed for pedestrians; the other for drivers to gauge their effectiveness.

"The idea for these prototype signs is for the general public to give us their input [on them]," said Menguita. "After they provide their input, we'll install the rest of the signs."

While some have expressed appreciation for the signs, others have complained they're difficult to read and are worried they may distract drivers.

Menguita says anyone who'd like to give their input on the signs may do so by emailing him

They plan to install the additional signs sometime next year.

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