Denton Enterprise Airport to Receive $763K Through Biden Infrastructure Program

The funding not only helps build airlines but also helps grow the economy of smaller towns officials say

NBC 5 News

In an announcement released Tuesday, Denton Enterprise Airport says it's set to receive $763,000 through a program funded by the Biden infrastructure law.

The federal funding which runs during the 2022 fiscal year allows investments in runways, taxiways, and safety and sustainability projects.

The bill was introduced in March during Biden's State of the Union in which he thanked Republicans for their support.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law invests $20 billion in the nation's airports and also helps with the upkeep of terminals, airport-transit connections, and roadway projects.

Officials say the investment program is especially beneficial to small towns as it creates job opportunities and builds the community's economy.

Following a recent visit to the airport, Acting FAA Administrator Billy Nolen praised the program for assisting Denton County as it continues to grow.

"General aviation airports are vital to this community and to communities throughout our nation," said Nolen. "They are where pilots get trained, emergency medical services take off and land, and in many cases where young people are introduced to flying for the very first time."

For more information on infrastructure investments specific to America's rural communities, visit the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Rural Playbook at

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