Denton Discusses Bike-Sharing Regulations

The Denton City Council on Tuesday discussed a pilot program requiring bike-share companies to get a city permit and follow strict rules to avoid bicycles littering sidewalks and rights-of-way.

The permit would last nine months, limit companies to a certain number of bicycles each, and impose other restrictions.

Only one company currently operates in Denton but others have expressed interest.

Council members told Denton Transportation Director Mark Nelson they were concerned about an influx of bicycles like Dallas has experienced.

"This is ridiculous," Mayor Chris Watts said. "We don't let people put mattresses on the side of the road. These things are everywhere."

City Councilman Gerard Hudspeth said he feared the permit process would over-regulate bike businesses.

"We're not talking about going after Kroger's because their shopping carts end up in a ditch," he said.

No vote was taken and the discussion will continue at a future meeting.

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