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Denton County firefighter rescues fawn surrounded by smoke

Denton Fire personnel responded to multiple grass fires across Interstate 35W near Corral City Thursday evening

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A heartwarming video shows Denton County firefighters saving a fawn from a grass fire on Thursday.

"They found multiple fires and it was growing intensely fairly quickly," Denton County Fire Emergency Services District One Chief Ricky Vaughan said.

Vaughan says while fighting the 40- to 50-acre grass fire near Argyle and Corral City firefighters found a baby deer.

"The deer was kind of nestled underneath a tree and as firefighters were working, they almost literally stumbled upon it,” Vaughan said. “There were some citizens that had said there may be a deer over there."

In the video, you can see Fire Captain Chad McInis rescue the fawn.

"Real gently,” Vaughan described. “As you can imagine the deer was scared but once he picked him up and wrapped him in his coat the deer felt calm and comfortable, and we were able to remove it from the fire and smoke."

Fortunately, the department has special oxygen masks designed for pets like dogs and cats rescued from a fire.  It also worked for the fawn.

"We were able to use this specialized mask, give it some oxygen because it had overcome with smoke inhalation,” Vaughan said. “By doing that it quickly began to respond and recovery from that."

The two humble firefighters didn't want to talk about the rescue saying they were simply doing their job.

But their chief explains who they really are.

"They're superheroes that don't like to say they're superheroes," Vaughan said.

The fawn was turned over to a wild animal rescue, WildRescue, Inc/Rabbit Rescue, who provided fluids.

A rescue group called Fawns and Friends will help with the fawn's rehabilitation.

On Friday morning, NBC 5 learned the fawn was recovering well and was up and around on her own.

"We’re happy to report that the fawn is now up and about, ambulating on her own, and hungry. Today she will be transported to Fawns and Friends to continue her rehabilitation," county officials said.

Denton County Emergency Services were working on putting out multiple grass fires that spanned 40-50 acres of land in the area southbound of Interstate 35W and Farm-to-Market Road 407 near Corral City.

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