Denton County

Denton County Citizens Raise Funds to Remove Sheriff for Refusing to Follow Abbott's Mask Order

Denton County citizen Jessicka Luther started a GoFundMe on Thursday to remove the sheriff from his job

NBC 5 News

A Denton County woman is raising funds to cover the legal fees associated with removing Sheriff Tracy Murphree for refusing to enforce the governor's mask order.

Murphree said Thursday that the Denton County Sheriffs Office will not enforce the mask order issued by Gov. Abbott. Abbott's order mandates that people in counties with more than 20 cases of COVID-19 must cover their nose and mouth in public.

Jessicka Luther started a GoFundMe to remove the sheriff on Thursday. The effort has raised more than $1,000 as of Friday afternoon.

Luther said the funds raised through the GoFundMe will "serve to cover any necessary legal fees associated with the court petition for a trial to remove the Sheriff who refuses to do his job."

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