Denton Council to Consider Towing Rules

Finding out your car got towed is never a pleasant experience, but leaders in Denton want to make sure it doesn’t cause citizens to go broke, as well.

On Tuesday, the Denton city council will get their first look at a proposed towing ordinance for the town.

A special task force of citizens, property owners and tow truck operators has been working to draft the ordinance after concerns were raised last February.

Some citizens raised claims of unfair towing practices in town that included too many towing companies charging large amounts for fines.

Some also raised concerns that some tow drivers were unfairly targeting and patrolling certain areas of the community for violations that they could tow vehicles for.

Denton Police Lieutenant David Mays has been leading that task force and said they believe they’ve come up with a good compromise on fine amounts that still allows towing companies to make a profit but falls below the state maximums.

"It needs to be fair. It's not a service that the person that has to pay for it actually chooses,” said Mays. "With this, it reduces the amount they can charge to a set amount that's lower than the state maximum.”

Mays also credited the task force with keeping the discussions very productive on all sides; allowing them to better work towards a compromise.

The full details of the proposed ordinance will be revealed Tuesday during the city council work session, and if the council approves, the plan could go up for a formal vote in two weeks.

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