Denton Considers Cameras on the Square

An extra set of eyes may soon look down on the Denton Courthouse Square.

On Tuesday the Denton City Council was scheduled to discuss adding cameras to the Square during their 3 p.m. work session.

City Technology Services Director Melissa Kraft said the cameras are a joint effort between the city and Denton County as a part of the city’s public Wi-Fi system on the Square.

“We worked with Denton County, they offered to put up the cameras,” said Kraft. “And what we’re going to do is share those with both the Denton Police Department and Denton County.”

The cameras would work with the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure on each side of the Square and provide a feed for the departments to access if needed.

Kraft said because much of the process to add the cameras was already completed by way of the public Wi-Fi program, the tool would actually be fairly cheap to add.

She added that the cameras were being considered well before the July vandalism of the Confederate soldier monument on the Square that the sheriff’s department is still working to solve.

The council could bring the topic to full session and the public soon.

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