Denton Conducts Disaster Drill

Denton County Law Enforcement respond to simulated hijacked plane

Denton County law enforcement responded to a hijacked plane on Friday, but it was for practice.

Each year, the City of Denton conducts a full-size disaster drill. This year, it took place at the Denton Municipal Airport.

"It's got to be done because this is an actual realistic scenario that could occur here in Denton," City of Denton Spokesperson John Cabrales said.

Law enforcement from across the county took part in the simulation that involved a hijacked plane that landed at the airport.

"A commercial jet liner landing here, being forced down at the Denton Airport, is very practical," Denton Police Officer Ryan Grelle said.

Grelle said each year the exercise is different because the response plan must be flexible.

"It has to be able to adjust to whether we are dealing with a tornado, a terrorist incident, a hijacking, a HAZMAT spill," Cabrales said.

It may be practice, but it takes lots of hard work to pull off.

"You train and you train and you train, and now you get the chance to simulate it," Cabrales said. "It was a success. We didn't have to stop the drill, so it turned out okay."

Denton officials say Denton Municipal Airport was also chosen for the drill because it is the eighth busiest airport in Texas. Love Field is no. 7.

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