Denton Community Water Service Set To Be Cut Off

Green Tree Estates, a mobile home community that sits on private property, is scheduled to lose water on Friday.

Water service is scheduled to be shut off on Friday for a few dozen residents of a privately-owned mobile home community in Denton called Green Tree Estates.

The owner of the property and the private well that supplies it with water, Donald Roddy, informed the approximately 50 people who live on the land late last month that he would terminate water service as of Nov. 15.

According to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, which oversees water service in the state, because it is a private water supply at Green Tree Estates, the owner is within his rights to cut off the service.

Earlier this week the City of Denton authorized a disaster declaration with respect to the water service in Green Tree Estates. That declaration allowed for emergency funds to be used to purchase 55-gallon barrels that can be used to store water for the short term.

A special session for city council is set for noon on Friday when other short and long term solutions for the water situation will be discussed further.

The City of Denton annexed the land that Green Tree Estates sits on in 2011, and the owner of the property was supposed to install the infrastructure needed to ultimately connect the homes to the public water supply, but that work was never done, according to a city representative.

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