Denton Ban on Texting While Driving Goes into Effect

A ban on texting while driving in Denton is now being enforced after a grace period ended Monday.

City crews have already installed dozens of signs along roadways letting drivers know of the new ordinance, and the Denton Police Department started a social media campaign Friday to remind drivers about Monday’s enforcement.

Those found guilty of texting while driving could face a Class C misdemeanor and a fine of up to $200.

Texting is not the only thing you cannot do with your phone.

"Checking emails, writing an email, looking at photos, Facebook, Twitter, it is all against the law now in the city of Denton," Denton Police Department Officer Ryan Grelle said. "Even GPS, having it in your hand, navigating that way. It needs to be mounted to the dash, window or whatever."

The only thing you can use your phone for while driving in Denton now is talking on the phone.

"These vehicles are deadly weapons, basically,” Grelle said. “You take your eyes off the road for a second. You don't know if that car in front of you stops or not, and if it does stop, you may or may not be able to stop in time and you could rear end that vehicle."

The only roadway in the city of Denton that is omitted from this ordinance is Interstate 35. The city council did not think it was right to penalize out of town guests who were not aware of the new ban.

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