Denton Airshow Takes Off

Extended runway allows F-16 pilots to perform

Some of the most famous high-flying performers in the nation will take flight in Denton this weekend, and an airport makeover attracted the show.

Flying an F-16 has always been the dream of Captain Garrett Dover.

"I'm from Bozeman, Montana, so not too much going on. But, the airshow came to town, I fell in love with aviation, and I made it a goal of mine to become a pilot," Dover said.

Dover now pilots the F-16 Viper West and is part of the single ship demonstration team that travels the nation.

"I will be as low as 200 feet up to 15,000. And, I make that transition in a matter of seconds," Dover said. "I will be going as slow as 120 miles per hour and as fast as 650, which is just below the speed of sound."

At last year's Denton Air Show show, it would not have been possible to host the F-16 pilots. The Denton Municipal Airport recently extended its runway,  and it's finally long enough for the larger air crafts to land.

"Not only can we host performances like this, but on a day-to-day basis, our aviation industry is growing on the airport, creating jobs, making new investment," airport manager Quentin Hix said.

"It's obviously a thrill, and we are all so proud of them and the work they do on a daily basis. And to see them here at our airport, and my airport, yeah, it's a big thrill," Representative Micheal Burgess said.

Captain Dover's routine is only one part of the air show, but it's a flight he hopes inspires the crowd.

"It's very rewarding to see those little guys looking up at the sky in awe, like I did," Dover said.

The  Denton Air Show opens to the public Saturday morning at 9am.

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