Demonstrators in Dallas Join Global ‘Climate Strike'

Demonstrators in Dallas joined millions of people all over the world who took to the streets demanding action on climate change. The effort, dubbed "Climate Strike", took place in major cities including New York, London and Sydney, Australia.

Hundreds of people gathered on the Ron Kirk Bridge in Dallas to kick off the week long strike. The group, like others, demanded action from government officials on climate change.

The focus was largely on global warming and the reduction of fossil fuels.

The event Friday night started with a rally and ended with a march and a die-in… to represent the severity of the problem.

"We need to do things much differently than we've done it in the past. We need to go to electric vehicles and clean renewable energy instead of burning fossil fuels," said organizer Molly Rooke.

Demonstrator Lauren-Elaine Brown, who also represents the Dallas Peace and Justice Center talked about what she'd like to see on the local level.

"On a local level we want people to start paying more attention to the climate, starting in their homes. Even with something as simple as recycling. I actually live at an apartment complex that doesn't have a recycling bin anywhere," said Brown.

The Global Strike was inspired by 16-year-old Swedish-born environmental activist, Greta Thunberg.

Dallas' Office of Environmental Quality is hosting community meetings for feedback on what should be included in the environmental and climate action plan.

The next meeting is expected next Tuesday, September 24 at the Bachman Rec Center at 6:00 p.m.

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