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Democrats Say Latest FBI Review of Clinton Emails is Energizing Voters

The Tarrant County Democratic Party Headquarters was busy Monday morning with volunteers working the phone bank.

"Are you voting Democrat?" they asked people on the other end of the phone line, over and over again.

"The timing, it has to be suspect," said Tarrant County Democratic Chair Deborah Peoples, about the FBI's announcement on Friday to review more emails from Hillary Clinton's private email server. "I think for Democrats everywhere, I think they see through that. I think many undecided voters will see through it."

People's has a theory.

"This is a last-minute tactic to suppress the vote," she said. "People realize that and it's energizing them."

At an early voting location in East Fort Worth voters Monday were expressing more obligation than enthusiasm.

"I'm with the Democratic Party, but I'm kind of in limbo," said Jillian James, explaining her dislike for both candidates. "Because I have one thought that you have a president going into office that you cannot trust, and we have another one over here that makes you nervous that they may say the wrong thing and start a war."

"I believe I could miss this election, as far as president goes, miss this election," explained Ricky Halliburton, a Democrat who said he was also headed in to vote. "I'm going to vote for down-ballot candidates."

"I believe it is about the down-ballot races," Peoples said. "I also think they looked at the voter turnout and they saw how Democrat voters were turning out early and they had to try to come up with an 'October surprise,' and this is it."

Peoples says she thinks it's working in the reverse, by getting Democrats out to vote.

"Yes," said James before going to vote.

"I'm just going to say, 'Lord Jesus, give me the right way to go!'" she said.

James later told NBC 5 she made her decision to vote for Hillary Clinton while she was in the voting booth.

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