Delta Airlines Flight Diverted to DFW Airport

Delta Airlines Flight 1061 from Los Angeles bound for Orlando was diverted to DFW International Airport Sunday afternoon, a Delta spokesman confirmed.  

The airline would not comment on the reason for the unscheduled landing except to say there was a, “security concern.”  Delta would not comment on the reason for the concern, but passengers aboard the flight tell NBC DFW the captain reported a possible threat from twitter.

“We started to see the police come and the fire trucks and emergency personnel,” said passenger Jeff Anderson.

“He [the plane's captain] did say at one point there was a threat on Twitter that mentioned this flight and there was a potential of a bomb.”

Anderson said the plane landed and taxied to an area away from the terminal.

“We did sit for quite a while,” he said. “They took us off the plane and said they were going to take all the luggage out, carry on and rescreen them.  They did have the bomb dogs looking around.” 

“Nobody seemed to be very nervous," said Anderson. "It was strange they took it serious enough to land the plane, but they didn’t seem to be in a great rush to get us off the plane.”

Anderson says they were later bused to Terminal E.  Once cleared the same plane departed DFW just after 7:30 p.m. bound for its original destination – Orlando. 

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