Deep Ellum Art Gallery Adjusts for ‘New Normal' Online

Kettle Art launched an online gallery and store called 'Kettle Art A La Carte'

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A Deep Ellum fixture is changing with the times to stay afloat in the pandemic. Kettle Art launched an online gallery and store called 'Kettle Art A La Carte'.

"We thrive on bringing people together physically," Kettle Art Marketing Director Paula Harris said. "When we can't do that right now, it's the next best thing."

Harris is married to Kettle Art Owner/Artist Frank Campagna.

"This whole pandemic, I mean, everybody's in shock," Campagna said. "Five months is a very long time."

That's how long it's been since Campagna had his gallery open for regular business. That's how long it's been since he held court at the counter of his gallery, greeting everyone who walked in the door.

"I mean for a gallery that's based on hugs and smiles and handshakes and celebrating each other's existence, it's kinda sad, you know," Campagna said.

Pre-pandemic, the gallery hosted art openings, parties, and wine walks. Kettle Art's walls featured local artists. The same is true for the gallery's online version.

"That's one of the things that I love about Kettle is everybody is such a fan of each other's work," Campagna said looking at the framed artwork on the walls. "Everybody's being hurt."

Kettle Art is open only Saturday afternoons now, and by appointment. Campagna hopes Kettle Art A La Carte will help him and the artists he features tread water until there is some semblance of normal again.

"You've always got your big box stores, but you're not going to find anything as unique or Texas as this," Campagna said. "Keep your fingers crossed that people love and support you as much as you love and support them."

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