Death Row Inmate Who Ate Eye Loses Insanity Appeal

Judge says inmate is "clearly crazy".

Texas death row inmate Andre Thomas lost his appearl before the Texas Court of Criminal appeals.

Thomas last year removed his only remaining eye and ate it. He previously plucked out his right eye.

Attorneys for the 26-year-old inmate raised 44 claims -- including insanity -- in a bid to get him off death row.
Thomas was condemned for the 2004 killing of his estranged wife's 13-month-old daughter in Grayson County. The victim was Leyha Marie Hughes.
His wife, Laura Christine Borne, and their 4-year-old son, Andre Lee, were murdered in the same attack. The victims were stabbed and had their hearts ripped out.
Judge Cathy Cochran wrote that Thomas is "clearly crazy" -- but is sane under Texas law.

The defense said Thomas had insane delusions. Prosecutors say his psychosis was caused or aggravated by his voluntary use of alcohol, drugs and prescription drugs.

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